I am a beast

Why should we tame the beast? Ask yourself, who is asking you to? The only people that want you to tame your inner beast are those that are scared of you. They are scared you will try to take what they have and they are scared that they are not enough to stop you. This is the history of the world.

Weak men have pretended to be strong by using other strong men to further an agenda and control the masses. The herd will always be the herd. We humans are communal animals. We tend to gravitate towards groups that we want to be accepted by. Once we are accepted, we give up much of our self and become much more like the rest of the group. This is not a negative, this is biology. There is safety in numbers and safety is what has allowed us to survive. We instinctively protect what we are as a group. But the real cool stuff happens when the group is challenged, that is where the evolution takes place.

All growth comes from challenge. Mental, physical, and spiritual growth all require challenge. To grow we have to take our core and smash it. We have to challenge our ideas, our physical body, and our belief systems to see if we really are what we think we are. You smash muscle with work, feed it and allow it to heal bigger and stronger. You challenge an idea with another to see which has more truth and earns the right to be fact. We dig deep to understand our sense of self and place in the universe, we challenge these feelings to see if our spirit is strong and connected or not.

If you want to truly be you, do not follow the strong men down a path of least resistance. Be who you are through the ritual of daily challenge. Attack yourself to know exactly where you stand, how you stand, and ultimately deal with what you really are. If you are happy to just play a part, go be part of the herd and hope it works out. I refuse to tame the beast and I refuse to be part of the herd. I am committed to being myself and evolving as I age to become my best self each day.

Look at who is asking you to become part of the herd. Recognize the weakness in those that challenge you to tame the beast. When the shit hits the fan, you are what the world will turn to. Not the “civilized” masses that ignore who they are. They are not strong enough, smart enough, or grounded enough to survive the difficult times. It is the beast that leads the way when the going gets tough. It is the bast that feeds the herd when it can’t feed itself. It isthe beast that protects those that can’t protect themselves. Being savage is not about being callous or taking advantage of the weak. Being savage is about being the best of humanity, being a leader, and being one that provides better ways for those in the herd that choose to rise up.

Brian Wright