Stop listening to this right now

The world is not designed to inspire confidence. This is because marketers ruin everything. If you are inspired, confident, and creative you don’t need much help. The world wants you to think you are lacking and it has the solution to your lacking, for a price.

It is hard to know the difference between real help and those selling an idea for their own personal gain. We all need help because none of us are perfect. BUT, we are all really good at something. Literally all of us has something we are really good at. Knowing that, going all in on it is much better than ignoring your talents to focus on your weaknesses. But that is what the world is designed to do; they hold you down with the idea that you need to be good at everything. While pursuing perfection that you can’t attain, you never maximize your real skills. You dumb down your strength by believing you are weak because the social megaphone said so. Fuck that!

Here is how you win at life. Know who you are, go all in on your strengths, surround yourself with people that are self aware as well, and hire the people that are best at what you are the worst. It’s all about knowing who you are, being that, and building relationships that fill in the gaps. We humans are herd animals. We are not built to survive alone. We thrive in communities.

Stop consuming the negativity and discover the positive attributes that are inside you. Embrace your personal truth and share that with the world in a way that provides value. This is how you build a business that will last and will always pull a profit. Valuable shit blows minds and gets shared. Valuable shit makes people feel good, which they want to repeat over and over. Solving problems makes you valuable. Understanding someone’s needs and helping them attain them is valuable. Value has nothing to do with selfish behavior. You give and give and give if you want to get what you want to get.

I have been fortunate enough to be around people that have organically shown me the way when it comes to business. Not everyone gets this opportunity. Some people do need help in navigating the waters of their market. If you are going to invest time and money into something, invest it into someone or something that will not be selling canned approach. Invest in something that will help you connect you to the market. Anyone asking you to be like them or to change who you are is not worth anything. They are intellectually lazy, not skilled, or selling you bullshit.

If you are lacking anything it is simply experience. Believe in yourself, know who you are, and stop wasting time listening to a world that will try to convince you to be it instead of who you are. Fuck that, you go be you, provide value, and get what you are worth.

Brian Wright

The Conversation

In a short time we can really get to the heart of the matter and get the framework for a plan together. This is what The Conversation is all about. Min 60 minutes, max is whatever it takes in 1 sitting to create something worth taking with you.

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