What do you do when in a creative rut? You go and fucking create. I just got hit with a bad situation at work that really threatened to suck the life out of me. When times get tough, some people go on the attack by lashing out inappropriately. This kind of shit really gets to me. I allow it to get to me. I have to work myself past it. People will do stupid shit, you have to control your world and not let the stupid shit take you off course.

Nothing kills my creativity more than negative people. We all have a trigger that kills initiative. The key to overcoming is just over fucking coming. Seriously, you just have to do something and get beyond this hiccup of a place that some negative asshole is trying to keep us stuck. Stop dwelling on what was just done and get back to work. The work is where everything gets worked out  and back on track.

When you have a purpose and you are on your path, the worst thing to do when faced with adversity of any kind is to stop. The world will throw distractions at you 24/7 trying to get you to stop. If you want to get to where you want to go, don’t stop, drive on.

We are only racing ourselves. You may be on the track with others, but the only real race is you vs you. If you can’t beat your own weakness, how can you out anything anyone? If you are surrounded by weak people, you can win when you are not at your best. When you are surrounded by good people, you can’t expect to even keep up unless you are at your best. Run the right race and force yourself to accept the challenge. This is the only real way to be if you want more out of life then what the herd is accepting.

Here is the thing, that negative whatever that is trying to make you stop is just the herd trying to keep you in the pack. When you show potential or actually rise above, you show the herd how mediocre they are. The herd is full of people that want to be great but for some reason, just can’t allow it to be. You show them what they can’t do and thy will try and tear you down for exposing them.

Your best friend or your mother may be the negative voice trying to hold you down. No matter who it is, you have to know what is going on and act accordingly. You don’t have to tell your mother to fuck off, but you do have to stop allowing her voice to affect your actions in a negative way. Instead of saying fuck you, feel sorry for those that come at you for wanting a better life. They don’t have what you do, they are weak and forgot what it is to be strong. Feel sorry for them and show some compassion. Your anger will validate their false narrative while your compassion has a chance to give them opportunity to see things in a different light.

Never stop doing your work for anyone or anything. Your path is your path and it is beautiful. You be you and let the herd wonder around not knowing who they really are, or knowing but not being strong enough to be it. Don’t stop, go fucking do work and create.

Brian Wright