Do you know it's value?

What is the value of your story? Do you even know your story in totality? Are you looking inward selfishly, or are you looking inward to extract value for the marketplace? You have to ask these questions in a modern digital world. With only so much attention available and so much content being pounded out daily, how do you differentiate yourself from the massive crowd?

You have to look at your life through the eyes of others. You can’t speak to yourself and simply talk about what you have seen as valuable experience. Your experience is much more valuable to the market than the 1 or 2 lines of value you personally have extracted. You see you and you have gotten what you have gotten. The rest of the world is the rest of the world it has various ways to interpret your value for itself. It is time to go deep and record your story in its totality so the market can extract the value for itself.

Once you have gotten into the flow of documenting your life, the market will show you where to focus. You will find the most valued thread of knowledge and experience in your work, as defined by the market, and that is where your worth is. Once you provide value and have figured your worth, you can monetize your craft accordingly.

Too many people are starting with a dollar in mind without actually figuring out if that amount is appropriate for what they are actually providing. You don’t deserve what you want. You get what you are worth. This is defined by multiple variables but the main issues are work ethic, skills, and talents. It is not your desire or what you feel entitled to. It will always be what you are willing to do with the skills and talents you have to bring value to others. There is no money to be made servicing yourself. You need an audience that is willing to fork over cash in exchange for whatever it is you provide.

The formula has been the same forever and it will never change. The mediums for expression and sharing of info will change but we will never get what we want without giving somebody else what they need or desire in exchange for currency. Technology has changed our behavior and made the process of everything so much faster. You could easily be famous in a small group before, now you have to compete with the world wide web. This brings challenges but it also brings much greater opportunities.

Stop thinking about how much money you want. Start looking at your story. Figure out what medium or mediums are best for you to tell the story and get to work producing content. As the world starts taking in your content, what thread is gathering the most attention. Take that thread and max its value for the niche you are developing. Once you have maxed out you value, you ca see what the market is willing to pay. Now you are monetized.

Monetize last based on knowledge, not desire. What you want does not matter. What matters is what the world is willing to pay. You can cry that you want more, but you will only get what the market dictates. You want more, go figure out how to give more. Too many have it ass backwards. Give value, get rewards.

Brian Wright