Why do you do this?

Why do you constantly undervalue yourself? Seriously, why are so many of us looking at ourselves as inferior? Lots of reasons but most have to do with a lack of permission to love yourself by somebody you have as important in your brain. You are not valuing your experience because somebody had an opinion. An opinion is holding you back! You let someone say something and adopted these words as your own belief system.

You should reject all opinion and start dealing with facts. You also need to find satisfaction in your own view and stop adopting the views of others. Most people that throw negative words at you are just not satisfied with themselves so they have need to bring you and everyone else they know down. Deal with real info not emotionally influenced opinions.

When you are sitting with a person that you would like to work for, come with reality. See your value and figure out what that is worth to the market. If you can demonstrate clearly and are prepared to do what you say, nobody will turn you down if you can show a 5x plus return on their investment in you. Don’t beg for a job or a sale. Demonstrate the value of you and your service for the market, for the employer, customer, whomever you have something for. You will get what you are worth if you can show its value. This is why you have to deal with facts and not some subjective reality based on the opinions of others.

Who cares what has been said or done in the past? You have right now to let it all go and focus on some hard truth. What do you really bring to the table and who will benefit from it? Once you are clear on this and found your voice, you are good. Something will happen when you put this out in front of the right people. The right people does matter too. Be valuable to the right people and you will make good things happen.

Letting go of things is hard, especially when these things are close to you. I don’t care if it is your parent, your sibling, or your spouse. If somebody is trying to bring you down, you have to cut them loose so you can fulfill your potential. You matter, your happiness, your satisfaction, your prosperity…. It all matters. Don’t go after what you want at the expense of those you love, do it in spite of those that hate because they have no personal cause to be happy for.

Do not undervalue yourself because of negative people. Figure out what you are really worth and put that out into the world in front of the right people. Satisfaction and success is there for all that choose to focus on their strengths.

Brian Wright