Did you really forget this?

I highly doubt you didn’t believe in your ability to be successful when you went into business. Why would you? If you had doubts, why would you invest your money or anyone else’s into your business idea? I have to assume you did the work to figure out your value and that is why you executed.

Now you are into it and things are not working out as planned. What does? Did you get distracted? Not as prepared as you thought? If it’s because you are slacking on the work, move on now and don’t waste your time because you are fundamentally broken.

It is ok to come to the realization that you didn’t know enough.

It is not really ok but totally understandable that you may have gotten distracted. The world is really noisy and lots of ideas are coming at you about what you do and how you do it.

The formula is real simple. Know what your talent is, acquire skills for what you are doing, and work your ass off. I want to add that you need to never forget your initial spark. You were once fully engaged and excited to do what you do. Try to be that day 1 guy everyday.

Shut off the noise and focus on the job at hand. Focus on the talents you trusted enough to invest in to get back on track to victory. Don’t stop and wish it was different, work until it changes for the better.

No amount of money you give to some guru is going to fix you. People with knowledge of things you don’t know can teach you but only you can keep you focusing on your strengths, talents,and actually do the work that is needed. Cut out the pity parties and the hours of pondering “why?” Get to work doing what you do and let the world know you are here doing what you do. If you can show a value in what you do for the audience, you will be back on track before you know it.

Embrace that audacity that made you start, stay grounded in your talents, and keep working as hard as you can because the work is the glue that binds all success together. You will have a hard time beating smarter people that work harder but you will beat most smart people that don’t work as hard as you.

Why are you still here? Go get to work!

Brian Wright