This is what defines you

What is going on in your head really does matter but it is not reality until you physically do something. There is all this material ready for us to consume about intentions, thoughts, beliefs, ideas… all good things that mean nothing without action. Don’t pull out your wallet until you are in the process of doing and you are faced with practical realities. You don’t know what you need until you need it.

Many self help gurus and sellers of “solutions” are giving you answers to questions that they are asking, not you. When guru x poses a question and that light bulb goes off! It is because you haven’t done the work that has brought that issue to light. The guru has given you the question and his answer based off of his experience, not yours. You have paid for this information with time and money or at least a commitment of time. You have a need to get something for what you have paid, this allows you to consume and justify somebody else’s idea as valid. I am here, I paid, I might as well get something for it! But do you really need it?

Forget about other people getting into your head. If you don’t do the work that maps to your intentions, your intentions mean nothing. I don’t want to hurt you, but I do over and over again. Good person or bad person? We are defined by our actions so we are not on the good side of things on this one.

 I don’t care what is going on in your head. If you are not getting your hands dirty, doing real work, nothing your head has in it or what you consume from others matters. Check yourself to make sure you are doing what you intend. Challenge yourself to get ideas into the world. Don’t go to the guru until you have exhausted all options and you are absolutely sure you need outside help.

Get moving, you will be amazed at how much more works out when you are doing. Going to the guru 1st just throws more questions out there that get in the way of your progress. Answer the questions as they come up. You don’t need to be perfect to start and there is no perfect time or place to get going. Just start and figure it out as you go! The best in the world at everything know this. The leader depend on you sitting and waiting so they have the room they need to stay on top. If you want to challenge the champ, you have to get in the ring.

Brian Wright