It was never just you

You are who you are but your business is defined by your customer.

How does the customer define the business? It actually goes back to who you are. What is the vale of what you bring to the market? Once you know what you bring, the people that need this are your target audience and eventual customer.

If you focus just on you and what benefits you want out of being an entrepreneur, you business will only go so far before it fails or quite possibly, never get off the ground. You have to know who you are but focus on the value you provide. Go deep on value so you have a thorough understanding which becomes the foundation for communicating with the market.

Your customer comes out of a need for your service and your ability to communicate the strength of your value for them. Your personal strength does not really matter. What matters is how you can demonstrate a value in your strength for others. How does your journey provide solutions and solve needs?

You know who you are and what value you can bring, your customer is making themselves known due to your value presentation in the market… now we build a business. Your worth is defined by the demand for your solution. Now you can monetize and get to work closing sales.

I see so many businesses go under because they worry about how much they can pull from the business instead of focusing on how much can their business provide for a community. The money will be there if you are good at what you do and provide lots of value for your niche audience.

Build a business by setting a foundation thru self awareness, build an audience around the value of what you do, and acquire the skills necessary to close a sale. Forget about what you want for now. Focus on what you can provide others and you will get everything you want and more.

Brian Wright