Find a way

You need to get this. It is imperative that you understand the importance of your personal well being. You need to take care of you, so you can do things that are good for the world. If your are sacrificing your influence because someone else in pain is trying to drag you down, you have to let them go. I am not saying to avoid taking care of those you love. I am saying, there are lots of fucked up people in the world that are not committed to helping themselves. It is not your job to sacrifice your value for these people.

It could be a friend or family member that is dragging you down. You have to be prepared to cut them off. I don’t care if it’s your Mom. If she is not well and not willing to do the right thing to get better, nothing you do will make anything better. It is hard to say this and even harder to do it, but it has to be done if you ever want to live up to your potential.

I am married and raising a beautiful boy with my wife. My priority has to be me so I can be my best for them. Anyone who gets in the way of this has no place in my life. My wife and son are my everything which demands the best of me at all times.

What you want matters. Your sanity matters. Your satisfaction matters. Anyone who gets in the way of your ability to live a healthy and prosperous life, should not be in your life. People that actually care about you give what they can to help you achieve what it is you want or they respectfully get out of the way so you have the room you need to do it. Shitty people give you what they want to give with expectations attached, plus they get in the way of your progress because they don’t want anyone to move forward when they can’t.

We all have these kinds of people in our lives. Some of us are those people. We have to take the time to audit where we are in life to see who is in our circle and if they are good or bad for what it is we are trying to make out of this life. We are as much who is around us as who we individually are.

Bad people become our excuse to not do what we know we should. It takes a strong person to live a life of our choosing. Find the strength to do the hard things, cut out the bad people, and be prepared to go it alone if need be to achieve what we know will have the most positive impact on the world and ourselves.

I know it is hard because I have had to do it and I am doing it now. No excuses, be relentless, and find the way.

Brian Wright