Not an end, just another beginning

Winning got the foot in the door. Now the work begins to stay in the room and eventually own it.

Karl Roberson went to Vegas for Episode 3 of Dana White’s Contender Series. He won in 15 seconds. Now, after 6 years and 14 contests, he has a UFC contract. All the love is pouring in because everyone loves a winner. It is great but we can never forget the dark days.

There was a time, not long ago, where Karl was sitting on the couch with his arm in a sling. 9 months out of action due to surgery to repair a torn bicep. This was after a year fighting in Glory Kickboxing, struggling to get a win. Where was the love? People doubted. People said Karl should start figuring the rest of his life out because the dream may be over.

Combat Sports is a tough life. You are up, you are down, and the public is vicious. They will want a piece of you when you are on top and they ridicule you when you are down. Karl knows both sides. The key is knowing that the game is long term. You ride the waves and do your best to stay on top more than you struggle at the bottom. You never stop working and keep yourself hungry.

UFC contract won, no fights scheduled. Not a time to overly celebrate. It is time to see the opportunity ahead and do everything one can to keep stay in the biggest league in all of combat sports. Basically, it's back to training. It’s what got us here and what will keep us here.

Proud beyond measure to be part of this ride but looking forward knowing how much work is still to come. Not even close to an end, this is just the beginning.

No matter who you are or what you do. This is your story too. We all have ups and downs. Its how we deal with it, learn from it, and respect the process that establishes us as a success or not. Know that they will come at you no matter where you are. The haters are always there and the challengers are hungry.

Know who you are and protect what you have created by maintaining your quality through work, talent, and acquired skill.

Brian Wright