You don't want to hear it, tough

I was called out as a person who delivers hard truth. I like it.

Why would truth be hard? Many people live a lie that they have made themselves believe to be true. This is a defense mechanism for many who just can’t handle the pain of their reality. We humans are designed to shut down when faced with pain or adversity. But once we overcome the initial instinct to hide, our body thrives in the rough spot. It is like it is trying to check to make sure we are truly committed to taking on the challenge. We go thru this physically and mentally.

So, that hard truth I keep dishing out is your moment of truth. You can convince yourself I am wrong, you can hold on tight to the lie you created to avoid some pain, or you can suck it up and accept that now is the time to change. While you are wondering what people will think, check yourself because you are not as important as you think - hard truth. People care what you can do for them. If truth will make you more valuable, you will be forgiven. If your lie exposes your real lack of value, you may lose some people in your life for good reason. You have been lying, you deserve the pain. Own it and move forward accordingly.

If you don’t accept those hard truths now, you live the rest of your days in a lie, or at least until you get exposed. Owning your own stuff before you are outed is the way to go. Accept who you are and start the process of becoming who you want to be now.

Learn to own everything. Creating an elaborate lie to cover up truth just makes life that much more complicated. Go be a person of your word and start doing those things you say you have done but haven’t. A life rich with experience is much more fulfilling than a life of fiction created to entertain and fool.

If you think what I write or say is about you, it is. If it is hard to take, tough! Deal with it.

Brian Wright