Bad Is Bad

I posted on social; “There is no such thing as good money from bad people. It is all bad”

The point that money has no morals was brought up. There is the idea that you can take money from bad situations and use it for good. I understand that in principle, we do it all the time. We don’t know where much of our dollars come from and we apply them as we see fit. Some things are good and some are bad. I am actually talking about a more specific situation.

Taking money from the wrong people to open, expand, or float your business can be a disaster. Money may not have morals but if it is not yours, it will most likely come with strings attached. You can’t get blinded by what you don’t have and miss what is actually going on.

Why do you need money from a shady source? Your lack of ability to earn the money you need, will most likely be the reason you can’t pay back the loan too. You can keep lying to yourself that it is the lack of capital that is keeping you down, but it is really just you and how you are running your business.

Good people usually don’t put good money behind a bad project. Bad people love bad projects because they can use their leverage to get much more than you borrowed or let them invest. So, money from bad people is usually not a good idea. Bad people, bad money.

Brian Wright