Evolution of clarity


One thing with me is that I don't take much personal. If somebody has something to say,  I take it as a data point. If you speak poor about my son or my wife, that is different story that won't end well. Say something about me and how I operate, I tend to be pretty chill. I am not going to get mad if somebody misinterprets something I say, I said it. I can clarify, if given the opportunity, but I am not going to get upset. If someone says things that are not true or derogatory without merit, I will just act accordingly going forward.

Content is tricky and being transparent is not for everyone. The hard part is knowing the context. Personally posting is a public forum can have a negative impact professionally. When the intent is not understood, things can go off the rails. Discussions allow for back and forth with the opportunity to clarify along the way. Content is just out there for open interpretation and can be taken in or out of context. It can go really well as intended, or can go really wrong with unintended consequences.

I am not perfect, I am a flawed person. I say and do things where the intent is lost and I have to pay a price. Is what it is. You make mistakes and you learn. I know I have no malice in my actions, even if you think you can infer it.

I am not big on excuses. When it goes wrong it goes wrong and I have to accept it. Hopefully it doesn't go so wrong that the opportunity to clarify does not come around. If I can't clarify, I own it and move forward. I know who I am and what I am trying to achieve. I can and will live with the repercussions of my actions.

I made a post where I wrote that there was “a lack of investment in talent”. I am finding out that that was interpreted as meaning, I didn't think the current staff was talented. Shit, that is a problem and not even close to what was meant. What I did not clearly express is that I do believe in the staff, it's talents, and abilities. My point is that the strength of the staff has been overlooked and not been invested in by management. That the failure has been that the staff has not been afforded the training and info needed to fully maximize their positions thru a positive interaction with people above them.

Those above are not thrilled either because I am writing critically in public. Again, the intent is to share experience. I know many people in similar positions that feel alone with nowhere to turn for another idea as how to handle things. Appropriate, inappropriate, it’s matter of opinion. No intent to hurt but intentions don't matter when not clearly expressed.

At time I right conclusions based off of what is in my head. I know it, the audience may not know it because I have not fully expressed the full topic. This is part of the evolution of a writer. With the amount of content i have created, I think I can call myself an evolving writer? Some things I say better and others I write better, plus there is a bunch of stuff I should just keep to myself. I need to use the right medium for the right topic according to my skill set and shelve the rest for thought until the proper time and place ever becomes available.

It is all a learning process. I will take the hits along the way. I don't have to keep producing content, but I want to. I get positive feedback and negative. The positive out ways the negative and I know people that are using this to make better personal choices. That's the point, share experience so we can all make more informed choices.

My final point is about positions we take. It is hard to be neutral if we choose to be effective. We have to stand for something, which comes with, for a lack of a better term, enemies. I know where I stand. I know what I am willing to do. I also know what I am not willing to do. My core principles are pretty sound, my execution is where I am working. I truly believe the only way to operate is long term, which requires we operate along the lines of mutually beneficial trade. To benefit others, we must know what they need and we must be able to give it to them to some degree if we are to ask for something. The more we make what we do about giving people what they need instead of what we want them to have, the greater chance of profitability and long term sustainable success.

Brian Wright