Never thought this would happen


I look back and can’t recognize who I was? I look forward and realize I have never been right about who I will end up being? Does this make me flawed? Probably, but that is one of the main aspects of being human. We are a constantly evolving race of individuals. I may have an idea of where I want to go and who I want to evolve into, but real life experience dictates our evolution more than our personal desires.

I never saw my wife coming. She ran me over and changed everything. That was followed by my son who stole everything I am, and I have no need for any of it back. I thought it would be so different. What has come to pass is so much better than anything I could have dreamed of.

10 years ago, everything, good or bad, had a big impact on my outlook and demeanor. Things really have changed. I have learned what matters most and I have learned what can be let go of due to its lack of real value. True love will do this to you. I don’t care about a quarter of what I once did. I just want y family to be healthy and happy. I professional goals, but they take a second position. I used to be married to my work, now I have my wife and we have our son.

Have your ideas, your beliefs, and map life towards those things. Just make sure you are open to changes because the changes can be so much better than what you intended. Success is the weird balance of focus while being open to opportunity.

If I rejected change and only fought to preserve the vision I had, I would be alone today chasing a dream that lacked experience. The experience I have now shows how little I really knew 10 years ago, how clueless I was 20 years ago, and how much more I still need to figure out today. I know what I want and I work towards it all daily, I just know that I have to be open to the reality of change due to life, experience.

Brian Wright