Action over all things

How do you build confidence? You build it by doing. Nothing you say or think will matter without taking physical steps.

So many of us feel stuck or trapped. We get in this hole we feel that there is no way out of. We don’t believe in ourselves enough to feel that progress is even possible. This is part of being human. We are all faced with the reality of these types of feelings. No matter how good or how bad we perceive ourselves to have it, we all are faced with doubt and we all deal with confidence.

Some will try and sell you on the idea that you can think or speak your way to confidence. They are wrong. Your words, thoughts, and actions all work best when aligned. Did you miss it? I didn’t just say words and thoughts. I said words, thoughts, and actions. I believe in actions over all things. Actions are the glue that bind everything together by making the abstract real.

If you don’t believe, do something worth believing in. If your thoughts betray you, do things that make the negative thoughts have no value. In short, go do things that you can build a foundation for trust and belief upon.

I can say or think anything, but it is what I do and don’t do that defines me and all of us. Dream big but act bigger. The power you lack is in you hands and the belief you seek is found in doing. Don’t believe in me or trust my words, go find out for yourself what is real, what is true, what works on your own. Get off the couch and get on the path putting one foot in front of the other until you know who you are and what you want.


Brian Wright