It’s been toooo long. I haven’t written any posts or created much content at all for over 4 months. Why is that? It is from having another child! If I am ever going to take a break and focus on something different, a newborn is a pretty good reason!

We all have to make choices as to how we are going to use the time we have. I have had to choose between my digital relationships and my real world ones. It has been a conscious choice, and a choice I do not regret. The internet will be here, the many 1st moments with my son will never happen again.

Besides my family, I have my business, Killer B Combat Sports Academy. I need to give the members and my athletes time too. Again, I can go online or I can have some real experiences with the people within my Killer B community?

We have phones, computers, game consoles, tablets, TV’s, and so much more digital distractions. Where are our priorities? Are we living a life that embraces the real people, places, and things in our world or are we distracted and disconnected because we are plugged in? I am not judging you. I am questioning your focus and asking for you to be real about where it is.

I love sharing my ideas and the interactions I have online. My understanding of the world has increased due to all the information I have access too. My creative muscles are challenged by the opportunities to create in digital environments. My world is seriously enhanced by tech, but it is also a place that wastes big blocks of time and distracts me from a higher level of accomplishment at times.

There will always be distractions and there have always been distractions. The difference now that we have tech designed to keep us plugged in and consuming more content than ever before. If we have our priorities straight, we can find balance. If we have purpose, we have strength. This is the place where tech and the real world work best.

My son needs a bottle, gotta get offline…

Brian Wright