You can't achieve this but you should still try

Perfection; that unattainable thing we need to stay in the pursuit of.

Perfection can be a positive or a negative, based on how we approach it. If we find ourselves waiting for the perfect moment, it is a negative. If perfection is our inspiration and focus while we keep going, it is a good thing. In both cases, perfection is a choice we either chase or wait for. Waiting is a waste while marching forward is where all the good things in life happen.

Don’t confuse patience with waiting. Waiting for the perfect moment in most cases is simply our fears convincing us to not take action. Waiting is watching the world go by while we try to gather the confidence to act. Patience is knowing that time is an essential part of what we are doing. There is a time where not taking direct action is an action due to necessary circumstances.

Here is an example of patience; we recognize that our opponent tends to follow a pattern that eaves them open. We wait for the opening; we take decisive action and capitalize on the opening. That is patience in action.

Waiting tends to be us not pulling the trigger, when we see all the openings but we don’t go. We know we should go but we are running thru all the scenarios and waiting for a perfect moment that we are pretty sure will never come.

Tom Brady throws passes under pressure successfully because he knows the game and employs patience when needed. He throws the long bomb that scores the winning points with no time left because he is striving for perfection and is not afraid to fail. He is afraid to not win.

Daniel Cormier knocked out Miocic to win the UFC Heavyweight Title by throwing the perfect punch. It was as close to perfect as you can get because he set Miocic up and capitalized on an opening. He was aggressive with actions that created an opening. This is the balance of patience and action. While working he patiently waited for the opening to present itself. He knew Mioci’s patterns and was baiting him into a trap.

I like to use the idea of perfection to push further than a more modest goal. This allows for my failure to be progress. I may not be perfect, but I am the best version of myself in that moment. Is that not the point? If we are better each day, we are winning at life. I am looking for the KO’s but I am prepared to grind if necessary.

Knowing how our brain works is important. We are designed to stay safe. The hard things that will bring the greatest rewards also carry the greatest risks. Our brain does not like risk because it may bring pain. This is why we tend to remember negative things 1st. Our brain is challenging us. It is asking us if we really want to do what we are planning. If we give in to the negative, we get caught up in the doubt and fear our brain is challenging us with. We fall into that dark place where action becomes almost impossible because we are fighting our thoughts instead of our opponents.  

Once we accept that the negative thoughts are normal and part of our human condition, we can take control of them and the situation at hand. We now have the knowledge that allows us to put the negative aside and focus on what we choose. This is the point; our brain wants us fully in control and committed to the task at hand. This is why, once we flip the switch and get past the negative, our bodies flood us with all the chemicals we need to handle pain, to push hard, and to maximize all of our assets. Once we get past the challenge our brain puts forth, we can do everything better, longer, and with less pain.

Perspective and knowledge are everything. How we look at things matters and knowing the science gives us the tools to overcome the fictions our brains create. Take control by being informed and in touch with yourself. This is what separates the great from the good.

Use perfection as inspiration for action. Be patient, stop waiting. Take control and take the actions of your choosing. Own each moment.

Brian Wright