Hard to hear, but you need to listen

Somebody is going to get mad at me for this, don’t care, people need to get over themselves and accept some things.

We need to stop with thinking we deserve happiness.

We need to stop expecting people to accept us for who we are.

We need to stop caring what others think.

We need to stop taking out our personal frustrations on those around us.

Happiness, acceptance of one’s self, freedom from the opinions of sheep, and no desire to harm those around us because we do not like ourselves all comes from hard work. There is no magic that makes anything happen. There is nothing easy about freedom from the bonds we place around our own wrists.

I am not bad, but I am weak. I have not allowed myself to be broken to the point where I am making choices that consistently hurt others. I am weak because I am human but I fight each day to smash weakness within so I can take good action.  

Everything is a choice. We have all the power we need but not all of us accept this. It is nobody’s job to accept anything but you. No opinion will take action, no idea will control you unless you allow it. You are your own boss, judge, jury, and executioner.

Could is crap. Belief without work is abstract bullshit. What are you doing, what have you done, how much have you learned? This is the truth that shapes everything, makes everything and is everything of substance.

You say so many things, but do you do the work to make it all real and substantial? You can say anything, what you do is what defines you.  

Nobody owes you anything. Go make it or take it. Stop complaining and get your hands dirty.

I don’t want any of this to be the truth, but it is. I hate that I am weak, that it takes work to be strong, and that everything great in life requires sacrifice. I wish it was easy. BUT, my desire to be my best, to love deeply, and to live a life worth remembering is greater than the weakness that constantly temps me.

Stop looking for excuses to be weak and mediocre. Be relentless, have no excuses, and find the way to get the things you want out of life. Die trying or live a boring life more painful than death.

Brian Wright