How to get attention in a crowded space


Being noisy for attention is easy, being noisy effectively to grow your personal brand or business is something else entirely. Unless your business is being foolish, don’t play the fool to get eyeballs. You need to get the right looks, from the right people that will grow your project.

The internet does not make many overnight successes. Consistency is the key to growth. You need to put out content consistently so you get recognized over time. The algorithms will pick you up if you stay the course. Once the algorithm gets you in the loop, the eyeballs will come.

Be honest, you probably are not as good as you think you are. You need time to get your medium of choice down. You need time to get in the habit of sharing content and producing good content. You have to be prepared to stay the course for as long as it takes, not a few days, weeks, months, or for some - years. It is what it is. When your content is good enough and the discipline has established your presence, the market will pick you up.   

I could write these same words for anything. Everything substantial that can grow at scale takes patience, understanding, discipline, and exposure to work. This is what I do with athletes or entrepreneurs. The formula never changes, just the arena and the skills.  

Brian Wright