Do you look here?

One thing that is clear for us all is that we do not know it all. Once we embrace this and do not let our ego get in the way of acceptance, we have the opportunity to grow.

Here is the thing about our ego, it will steal time. If you waste time acting upon your ego’s need to protect itself, you lose time plotting and planning on ways to hide your weaknesses instead of acting upon your strengths. Our time in this world is limited, why not use as much of it as possible to achieve instead of deceive?

When faced with places I am lacking I tend to go after inspiration, followed by digging deep inside to find the answers I need. I am not a Dr or a Lawyer, I don’t need to go to school to do the things that I do. My ability to be effective is the only legitimacy I need to stay relevant. I don’t need anyone’s permission, I just need to get results. This allows me to look within for the answers I need.

I truly believe most of what we need can be found within. It is a balance of understanding the world we live and the space we occupy in it. All knowledge comes from within someone’s understanding of this balance. The 1st recordings come from us, along with everything that followed. All breakthroughs are the results of a person understanding the world/universe. We can keep recycling the same ideas or we can within and discover new things to share with the rest of us.

Some people are meant to take collective information and build upon it. Some of us are meant to build from what we find within. The marriage of the 2 is where the evolution of humanity is found. We discover more about ourselves while constantly building upon the understandings we have passed on from generation to generation.

I do consume content. I watch, read, listen to many things. I am not looking for answers as much as I am looking for pathways. I am looking for maps to navigate myself. Content puts me on the map which I follow with exploration. I like to build and create, I like to do this in as new a way possible. I don’t want to build what you did, I want to build something that reflects me.

My path is my path. I don’t ask anyone to follow me. I challenge us all to look within more and embrace what we find. We are all who we are and there is nothing wrong with it. In world that keeps trying to define us, we must define ourselves. We must embrace what is unique within in order to live a life that is truly ours. If we lose our connection to our core by trying to be someone else’s answers, are we not wasting the gift of time along with opportunity we have been gifted at birth?

Who you are matters. If the people around you do not understand this, you need to find new people to be with. Be who you are and connect with the value you bring to this world. That is how you will find peace, find satisfaction, and figure out how to make a living that has a purpose. Putting your truth aside to make money to acquire what you have been told you need is just a terrible idea.

You don’t need permission to be who you are. If you don’t know, figure it out. Embrace your truth and your value in this world.

Brian Wright