Sometimes winning is losing

I look at things with a long view. I get that there will be ups and downs. The key is to have much more and higher highs than lows. This is the infinite approach, do today what will ensure success for all the tomorrows to come. On the flip side we have the finite approach, which is the approach where we fight to win each and every encounter, where we live moment to moment with no connection with a long term plan.

In choosing to fight the battle in front of us with no long term purpose or idea of where we want to go, we run the real risk of winning the engagement but losing the war. We must live in the moment but not only for the moment. Our focus on the task at hand is crucial for success today and tomorrow, but our actions must be informed by our long term purpose. Right now matters, but we must stay connected with the reality that right now will define where we are going next.

When you have an infinite mindset, you understand that you will fail and that it is part of the process. If you you have a finite mindset, you can never lose, you can never be wrong, and you will be much less off because of it. The finite mindset is a brutal game where you do anything and everything to win the moment, even to your own detriment. Twisting the truth and manipulating your image is your reality. You don’t care what your “victory” costs personally or professionally. You can walk with satisfaction that you won, but you little to nothing of value to show for it.

Understanding the long game requires purpose, patience, and discipline. You have to disconnect from the opinions of the finite, because they will be throwing shade on you. No matter if you are up or down, people will throw negativity your way, you have to stay the course and stay connected to the long term. You have to be able to cut thru the clutter and keep focused on staying in the game forever, not just today.  

With an infinite mindset, there is always a tomorrow and every encounter is part of the ones that came before and a link to what comes next. You are a part of something greater because you're fully connected to the past and future thru your actions in the present. You are not just of this moment, you are infinite.

This may sound a little metaphysical but it is extremely practical. Knowing how the human mind works and the challenges we all face in the process of understanding our place in things, the value of the infinite view is quite measurable against the alternative. The finite approach is connected to stress and anxiety while the finite approach is less judgmental which relieves much stress and diminishes anxiety. It is our purpose that gives strength in order to combat the negative influences and to find peace in action.

Find your purpose, allow yourself to fail, recognize your long term value, and look beyond that inch in front of your face. You will be happier, more productive, and much less stressed than those afraid to lose while living inch by inch.

Brian Wright