Are we ever really?

What do we do when we are done? The idea that we can be done is not real. There is no heading off into the sunset in peace. There is no happy ending with time left. This life is a place where we have a purpose and things to be done, or we are done, which means we are dead.

If we have a singular goal, we achieve the goal, and have nothing left to give or to do, what is next? When you feel there is nothing left, you are over. If you have the ability to believe you are done, you have lost.

Connection to people with a purpose is humanity. Without purpose and alone, we have nothing and we are nothing but organic matter taking up space. You have the ability to choose. You can connect with your purpose and you can connect with people. If you don't, that is your choice.

There is a movie about a famous Frenchman named Papillon, where he is exiled to life in prison on a penile colony. He becomes the 1st person to ever escape. Part of his motivation is a reoccurring dream where he is in front of a tribunal that finds him guilty of a wasted life. He did things that found him placed on an island with no connection to the outside world. He recognized his mistakes and needed to escape in order to live a life with purpose.

Papillon escaped, exposed the inhumane treatment of prisoners and became the catalyst for ending the colonial prison system globally. He found his purpose and connected with people to reclaim his life.

No matter where you see yourself in life. You may feel that you are in a personal prison, disconnected, or without purpose. You have the power to look within and to connect with the world around you. If you choose to waste your life, that is your choice. If you choose to be more than matter taking up space, more been power to you.

Living is much more than biology. To truly live we must engage with purpose. If you are breathing, you have time. It is not too late until your heart stops. Never be done.

Brian Wright