Gotta go with it

Rolling with the punches is just a part of life. No matter how we want things to go, they are going to go how they go and we have to make the most of it. I literally walked off a plane last night on the way to Rio. My wife, who is 37 weeks pregnant, called me because she was having contractions every 3 to 5 minutes for over an hour. I was not headed to Rio for fun while my wife is home about to pop, it was for work! Life wanted what it wanted and I had to roll with it.

I raced to the hospital to meet my wife. I have a 5 year old son who was home with his Grandma. I was working the phone to rebook my flights. It was a whirlwind but so far we are good. The wife got a few shots to chill the contractions out. We got discharged late last night and my flight is booked. I had to get off that plane. Now I have to get on another. Is what it is.

It is a good thing to have the problems I have. Trying to balance out the work I love with the family I love more, is not a challenge. It is my life’s pleasure to fight for what I believe in and love on all fronts.

Fighting for what we believe, what we care about, what our passion is… this is not hard to do. The battle is what we are designed to do. We can fight to maintain mediocrity and live a shallow existence, or we can fight to thrive in a challenging world. We really do have the choice each moment as to what the next step will entail. We can complain about the challenge, or we can rise to the occasion.

Here is the thing about fighting, being prepared to take the hits is the key. Life is not about striking, it is about enduring. If you can endure, you can win. If all you have is a good attack but fold when hit back, you don’t have the substance to get what you want. I may not be the best, but I will outlast the challenge or the person that takes me on. This attitude was forged in training and solidified through the loving relationship I have with my wife and children. I cannot diminish the importance of the people around me. My friends and coworkers are a massive part of my foundation.

I am not writing this to say I am better or more anything than anyone else. During moments like this where I have to make choices due to the challenges of life, I appreciate where I am and who I am in this place with. Having gratitude is key to continued success and maintaining strong ties with those you care about.

I am as flawed as the next guy. If I can find what I have, so can anyone. None of us are burdened with “too much”. The challenges are here to make us stronger in every way. Embrace your passion, love those in your circle, and fight with everything you have for everyone and everything you care about.

Brian Wright - on my way to Rio