Fill the void

The void is the void. Doesn’t matter who you are, how much you have or not have, or anything else. If you are lacking love for yourself, nothing you do, acquire, or receive will fill that void. No matter how much love others show you, if you don’t believe you are worthy, you will never find peace or satisfaction.

Lacking in love for one’s self is not humility. It is a lack of belief in yourself. It is being lost within your own skin because you feel you are lacking. You can feel that you are lacking in an infinite amount of ways. Somebody may have said something, you have possibly done something, or you are just disconnected from yourself, there are so many reasons why we feel how we do about who we are.

You do not have to dwell on failure and mistakes. You do not have to “fix” what you are not good at. You do not have to believe you are broken or incomplete. The key is accepting who you are, having a clear picture of where you want to go, and you have to start putting in work you can believe in on the path to what and where you want to go and be.

Sitting around distracting yourself with consumption will not do anything for you. The only way to get beyond this self created barrier is to do something. Get to work, get inside your own head and heart to figure out what’s what. You have to go deep and figure out what you need to let go of and what you need to embrace.

This is the human condition. We all have the same struggle in different arenas. The answer for us all is the same and it has always been the same. Less giving in to distraction, no more allowing the opinions of others to influence our own, more time devoted to understanding ourselves, and more action.

You can drive the fastest car, live in the biggest house, and buy as many “friends” as you choose. You can also become the best at trivial things that lack influence or meaning. None of it will fill the void. Only by accepting who you are, loving yourself because you have committed to a path that leads to what you truly want, can you ever fill that void.

Let go of what does not matter, suck it up, and prepare yourself to see who you really are. Embrace you for being you and love the reality that you are alive which means you have endless opportunity in front of you to create whatever it is that will make you satisfied. I didn’t say happy, I said satisfied. Happy is a surface smile, satisfaction is a sense of peace that goes to your core because you know you did the right thing fully and completely.

No more distraction and consumption. Make a commitment to live a life you can love yourself for leading and one that reverberates beyond your years because of its positive impact.

Brian Wright