Do you want it or not?

I run into this quite a bit. Somebody tells me what they want to be or do, followed by a litany of excuses as to why it can’t be. My challenge is always the same; do you, or don’t you want this? If you do, stop with the excuses and just get to it. If you don’t, why are we wasting time talking about this?

We all clearly want something if we are going to bring it up. The thing is, are we looking for somebody to support us, or looking for someone to not agree and give us the out to not change? The scariest thing in the world can be a supportive person when we are not really prepared for the changes we may speak about. Change is calling us but we may not be ready. If you are speaking to somebody, you either are not sure or you are 100% clear and really do need help.

The human condition is so complex! Our brain and emotions can seriously battle it out and confuse us as to what is real and what did our mind fabricate? The best course of action is to keep it simple. What was the initial idea that gave us that spark to begin the process of questioning our state? Go with that. Push everything else aside and focus on the spark. Find your motivation in that initial idea that motivated you to desire action.

Fear of failure and fear of change can derail everything. You may fail, but you may also succeed. You may be comfortable in your current state, but you are not satisfied. You have to find peace in effort that leads to satisfaction. Failing is ok, when we give the task at hand everything we have. You can find satisfaction in failure when it gives you clarity. Only thru trying with everything we have do we know what we truly are. Failure lets us know what we are not and clearly shows us who and what we are in the moment. This experience is what gives us the tools to take a better next step towards what we choose with more knowledge and understanding, if we paid attention.  

It is all a cascading process towards self discovery once we don’t let fear, comfort, chaos, etc.. be excuses to stop us from going for it. Strip away all the noise and the clutter we are putting in our own way to delay the process. Suck it up and be an adult. Accept your responsibility to the world to be your best self and to do what you know deep down you were born to be. Only by being who we are do we truly become a person of value.

No more excuses, get over yourself, and be yourself.

Brian Wright