You don't need it

Motivation has become a “thing”. The real thing is not motivation. The real thing is the right thing. Motivation is this thing we use as an excuse as to why we are not doing things, plus the reason we fabric as to why we do things. The only thing we need to know is the right thing and we need to simply do it because it is the right thing.

The right things require reason and a moral compass. We all know the right things. We are all also weak and fight a battle to do these right things. We come up with excuses wrapped in fancy terms like motivation to justify our failure to take action.

How many times have you claimed to not be motivated? I have countless times. I have used it as an excuse to stay on the couch and I have gotten mad and juts did what had to be done in spite of the lack of motivation. Go figure, I always felt great after doing what I didn’t want to, but knew was the right thing to do.

Action is everything. You know the right thing. Go do it. Find motivation in your actions and within that sense of purpose action instils. You don’t need to read or watch, you need to get up and go do. Nothing will get done while you search for answers. Start moving and find the answers in the work.

When you sit and ponder, you are being weak. When you claim to lack motivation, you are being weak. When you don’t do the right thing and create excuses to justify the wrong actions or a lack of action, you are being weak.

Are you weak? You may have been but you have an opportunity right now to be strong. You can get offline, get up, and take action. You are no longer weak.

Who you were is in the past, who you want to be requires that you do something now. What you do in this moment defines you, not yesterday’s choices or the choices you hope to make tomorrow. Right now is everything and it doesn’t care about your motivation, it requires your effort.

Brian Wright