What is your eye on?

Staying focused on what matters is the daily struggle. It is so easy to get pulled into other people’s spiral. This pull can be direct contact or thru their social posts. People try to pull you in from every angle. We do the same thing. Either way this is going is not good for productivity or positivity in action.

As a coach, my job is to make people better and to do my part so they can achieve the success they want. If I get distracted or try to distract, I am losing the focus needed to achieve results. Results are my business and if I want to keep in this business, I have to stay on point.

We all struggle to stay on point. Existence is and always has been a daily bombardment of distractions. The most successful of us can put on blinders and get the job at hand done. They can do this more than others and this is why they get ahead. Our baggage slows us down. Our distractions do not allow us to move forward.

What can you control? Your actions are your choices so we have control of this. We also control how we choose to react to things. These 2 things are it. Take control of our choices and reactions. Make our daily path a conscious choice. Refuse to be lead and take control of your path.

I struggle with all of this constantly. I can pull out my phone and lose precious time flipping thru content that really means nothing. I can get pulled into digital arguments provoked by the comment sections. A text can derail my state of mind. So much can happen with 1 device. This is on top of the human interactions and personal dialog.

If we have a purpose and a goal, we can make appropriate choices that fit the outcome we are working towards. It is much easier to make a better choice when we have a focal point for our energies. Why do we fail at so many things? It is because we give ourselves the option with an ambiguous position. You go to the gym because you know it's good for you or you go to crush your max lift, beat your last time, or know you have an event you know you need these workouts to get you ready for. You study when you have a test coming. You sleep when you define tomorrow as a big day. You eat healthy when you want to drop unwanted weight… You do everything better and longer when you have a real goal you truly believe in and want more than the short sense of whatever you get from your distractions.

Those likes on Insta may feel good for a moment, but achievement in the real world of great things is a satisfaction that stays with you for the rest of your days. Winning an argument over nothing with an inconsequential person is a fleeting victory nobody cares about. Not doing because you are afraid of judgement, talking big to create a false sense of being big… it is all wasted energy and time.

I tend to bring everything back to fighting but the analogy works. When you agree to fight, you have a training camp, followed by a fight. If you make your living fighting, you can’t afford to fail. The goal is so real and strong, you have to put in the work to prepare. You have to surround yourself with good people and coaching. You have to eat right, sleep well, and manage your daily stress. You have to be as good as you can on all levels.

If you set goals and recognize the consequences of falling short, you will do the work and live better, or you will fail. You may even do the work and still fail. Failure happens and requires we get back up better informed from failing, and go again.

What are you willing to fight for? What is your personal battle that must be won? If you don’t have a goal that meets this level of commitment, you need a better goal.

Lastly, as a coach I have trained thousands of people over the years. A minority achieves what they set out to achieve because most do not fundamentally understand what is needed to achieve success. They struggle with the distractions. When the distractions win, it is usually followed by excuses. Those that come prepared to make real changes in how they deal with distractions and own their choices win.

What is your fight, are you prepared to own you choices, and are you ready to make changes?

Brian Wright