Welcome to Phitin?

1st, I just want to say thank you and let you know that I appreciate you. By becoming a member of Phitin, you are demonstrating the single most important quality that will ensure your success; you have the ability to be humble. Humility allows you to be open to ideas which will drive your business for years to come as successfully as you choose to implement them.

We live in a great time. Our message can get out faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than any other time before. We have to opportunity to fit our messages into the new mediums in order for us to grow our audience which in turn grows our reach. As caretakers of traditions that have existed long before us and will carry on long after we pass… we can make an impact on the history of our ways that can reverberate for generations.

The goal at Phitin is to take every dollar you invest with us and give you $10 in value back. This should come in the form of increased sales, but it also come in the form of more efficient lives that are focusing on personal growth, relationship building, and happiness - not just money.

If you are not passionate about what you do, don’t waste anymore time or money here. We are not the right place for you because we are not tapping into anything but passion and focusing that on systems that will create a life. It requires things that the passionless will not do. So again, if you are not passionate, go away.

Because of technology, everyone has a shot. We cut through all the white noise being created by so many voices to make sure you rise to the top, as long as you have skills. We are going to build a narrative together, you are going to have to back it up with real skill and passion.

Phitin is not for everyone. You have to have passion and talent to get in the door. Your effort will keep you in the room and your honesty will create your business.

I look forward to being your partner in the process of establishing, growing, and creating value in your personal business.

Brian Wright

CEO Phitin