My Mission Cont…

My strengths and weaknesses are very clear due to my diverse background and level of experience. I do not believe in failure; as long as we are better from our experience and are more effective in our rolls due to our experience – we never fail. If I lose a dollar, I use that experience to make $4 more.


The benefit of working with me is?

My experience at every level of design, fashion, and retail. I have a thorough understanding of creating a line, manufacturing, putting a team together to rep it, and on the other side – buying, store design, store layout, merchandising, sales staffing, and management training plus extensive experience marketing fashion lines, retailers, and events.

In short, there is not much I have not done in retail, clothing production, and event promotion/implementation.


Why should you care that I was a professional athlete?

My competitive combat sports career has put me on TV in front of millions world wide, in a ring and cage in front of thousands at various venues across the globe, plus I have spoken to media worldwide in print, online, and TV. On top of that, athletics taught me discipline, self awareness, and gave me the confidence needed to lead people and share ideas.

As a combat sports and fitness coach, I have trained thousands of athletes that have competed at the highest level of sport along with countless people aspiring to be professionals or simply aspiring to be better. This has given me the opportunity for over 30 years of interacting with people to really understand motivation, communication, and a true insight into what people desire in life.


Does my former brand matter? Yes!

Starting a brand from scratch, with no help, allowed me to make many missteps that turned into profitable experience. I was given a crash course in how the industry worked that allowed me to be successful working with lines in future positions.

I have a good relationship with most brands because I “get it”. Not only can I improve designs, I understand how a line will sell and the impact design can have on the longevity of a line in a store; example – designs that do not integrate well as an entire line do not sell down well and put a burden on a staff because they don’t know what to do with the splinters.


What does it all mean for you?

I have no fear of communicating anything to anyone as long as I believe in it. Hire, fire, inspire, educate, or sell – I don’t care what it is, if it involves communication I am comfortable. I can speak thru written and spoken word or any visual media you can think of.

Throw me in a room with projects or ideas and I can positively impact their ability to come to market profitably. Give me a brand and a space, I will make both work in a way that provides a consumer with a positive experience that increases sales and customer satisfaction.

For me, everything is about maximizing ideas and relationships to create positive experiences that everyone can benefit from.


Why am I posting this?

I woke up one day and realized I am 40 plus! I have a wife and the most amazing son a man could be blessed to have. My life has been an amazing and extremely fortunate.

After all the places I have been, the friends I have made, and the family I have created – it is time for me to venture into new territory and expand my influence in this world. I do not want to have this amazing life a bubble. I want to make more friends, establish more relationships, and create in a way that expands my sphere of influence as wide and far as possible.

I am looking for partners that want to make loud noises when necessary and whisper at the right times to create positive change. It’s that time where experience and opportunity need to meet head on to create something special and memorable beyond my years.